There are some great opportunities to see some amazing theatrical experiences online currently, and even if we can’t see the full performance, there are some amazing videos being put together to remind us of some of the shows we’ll want to go and see again when we can.

We love this one in particular – as it features our very own Laura Brydon in Jersey Boys! https://www.excellenttalent.com/voiceover/laura-brydon/
It was all the idea of the US Producer Richard Hester and Sarah Schmidt, the original Francine on Broadway, to get every cast – past and present worldwide – to sing together on one of the shows’ greatest numbers, Who Loves You? Having trawled through their contacts books they sent everyone the ‘click’ track and compiled this incredible video.

Laura was in the original London production in 2008-2009 (having performed in the West End before in Les Mis this was her first original production) as cover for Francine and Mary Delgado, proving not only can she sing but she can master a New Jersey accent too!

You’ll find her in the polka dot top alongside the rest of the London cast in the top left of the screen about 30 seconds in – but we reckon you should listen to the whole thing and be inspired to book some tickets to see Jersey Boys again when the theatres are back in action!