So what do you do when you’re an impressionist stuck at home? Answer – you party with your best mates. The Donald, Michael McIntyre, Ant and Dec are all on the invite list and with Jon Clegg hosting you don’t have to break a single lockdown rule when you invite them round.

The Britain’s Got Talent finalist has been travelling the globe in the last few years, entertaining with his one man show on the world’s best cruise ships. But with nobody cruising anywhere, he’s had to face the very unusual experience of being stuck at home for more than 5 days! “Normally I’m packing and unpacking a suitcase every week” says Jon “so it’s so weird being at home – especially as my wife Tracey and I have hardly ever spent this amount of time together! She still seems to like me even after 8 weeks!”

Luckily if Tracey ever gets bored she can share her time with a myriad of people that make up Jon’s list of impressions. Catch Jon while he’s still at home!