A trustworthy, Geordie voice with a knack for all things Voice Over. He’s a canny lad.

Dan is your man – Be it taking you to the stratosphere with his own charms and flair in Commercials to acting as a nebula forging relatable and memorable characters in Video Games & Animation.

Planet Pye is somewhere we’d all want to live. Friendly, Everyone’s from the North East, Pie for all.

He’s also an accomplished Science Presenter and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society! (Hence the space stuff)

  • Distinctive, North-East Voice
  • Commercial Savvy
  • Promo Gold
  • Countless Pie Puns
  • Lost Voice Guy
  • Lost in Random (EA Originals and Zoink!)
  • Channel 4 Continuity
  • Asda In-Store
  • Sky One
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Amazon
  • Vodafone
  • BBC