Since the legendary inhabitants of Tracy Island stole our attention for the first time all those years ago, it has been difficult to get away from the Thunderbirds crew! Many versions of this adventure-filled narrative have graced our screens since its original airing in the 1960s, and ITV’s latest adaptation Thunderbirds Are Go is certainly not to be missed!
In 2013, this “revamp of an old classic” was announced in the form of a collaboration between ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures- a historic revelation for ITV, who were the first network to run the original Thunderbirds series in 1965. Two feature films and half a century later, this ever-popular remake has taken the world by storm! And its star-studded cast are partly to blame!

Excellent’s very own and very talented Andres Williams joined the elite cast of Thunderbirds Are Go in 2013, after an initial read-through at the ITV headquarters with the likes of Oscar-nominee, Rosamund Pike, and Thunderbirds’ legend, David Graham. Andres was cast as Tracy Island’s infamous villain, “The Hood”, and has enjoyed 2 series worth of villainy, admitting “It is really rather fun playing a baddy!”

Working alongside Kayvan Novak, star of hit-films Phonejacker and Facejacker, and general voice-acting gem, has been a real stand-out experience for Andres. Not to mention some of the recording sessions he has attended for “The Hood”. He tells one surreal but hilarious anecdote of one time when he was called in for a session with the producers wherein he was simply asked to scream “AAAAAAAAHHHH”, and then contentedly dismissed! Oh, to play a villain!

Watch new Season 2 episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go, currently premiering every weekend on ITV, to follow The Hood’s evil and persisting disruptions on Tracy Island! Don’t miss them! For more information, visit @thunderbirdshq on Twitter.