Our Excellent Agents Are Set Free at the One Voice Conference!

OVA WinnersIt’s the Summer of 2021 and this year’s One Voice Conference was the most welcomed excuse to kick off our slippers, put a brush through our hair and leave the house to finally see people – in the flesh!

Our Excellent SuperAgents, Natalie and Yashi attended the conference on Friday 20th July.

Natalie and Yashi arrived just in time for Behind The Magic Curtain: The Terrifying World of TV Continuity, a talk with Danny Cowan and Excellent Talent’s very own Pete Nottage. We learned more about one of the most challenging Voiceover jobs in the industry, but not without a splash of humour, a plethora of swear words and the most fabulous sparkly, golden jackets. It’s safe to say that the silliness is not limited to the booth with these two…

In the afternoon, our Senior Agent, Natalie, was invited to appear on the The Agents Panel: A Voice Agents’ Perspective On The UK VO Market, alongside Camilla Laxton (Chatterbox Voices), Katie Berkes (The Voiceover Gallery) & Justyna Malbon (Outspoken Voices/Voice Squad). Feeling proud to be in the presence of a four-woman strong panel, Natalie joined her fellow Agents in chewing over their day-to-day duties and revealing the most common and current challenges within the Voiceover industry, while trying to demystify the perception of Agents from a talent perspective.

Natalie told us “It was great fun to chat with the other ladies and really enlightening to hear how much we had in common. As Voiceover agents, we don’t often get the opportunity to meet each other and talk shop, so it was a bonus to feel the conversation flow so naturally between us all!”

Fast forward to Friday evening, Natalie and Yashi joined the OVC Boat Party sailing along the Thames. Let’s just say the ladies may have continued to sway as they departed the boat at the end of the night… 🍷

It’s Saturday 21st July, and in amongst a day filled with fantastically inspiring talks and workshops, it was Yashi’s turn to take the stage for Book More Work In Your Native Accent: Tackling Accent Discrimination In Voiceover, a talk with Nic Redman and Excellent Talent’s Leah Marks. Albeit virtually and pre-recorded, Yashi was invited to offer her two-cents on booking Voiceover jobs for talent with regional accents, and if she believes there to be any discrimination against particular accents within the current trends of the industry.

Yashi explained, “It was an interesting question, one I had to mull over before I answered, but I summoned the power of my Wakanda outfit and spoke about having pride in where you are from, embracing your accents and pushing forward no matter what. Discrimination exists in many factors of the arts industries, but emphasising your pride and talent to change the preconceived perceptions is the best way to fight it, and us as Agents are always here to fight with you.”

Although the conference continued until Sunday 22nd August, the grand finale for Team Excellent was the One Voice Awards ceremony on the Saturday evening. Having been stuck inside for the past year or so, the atmosphere was bound to be electric and every single guest was dressed to the nines. FAB-U-LOUS!

Excellent Talent were proud to announce a total of 25 nominations across 13 different artists earlier in the Summer this year. We are totally in awe of our talent and the work that they deliver. By the end of the evening, we were able to congratulate 4 Excellent winners and in the following categories…

Elisa Canas: Radio Commercials Best Performance
Karl Jenkinson: Audiobooks (Factual) Best Performance
Stephane Cornicard: Gaming, TV Documentary & Male VO of the year
Leah Marks (& Nic Redman – The VO Social): Inspiration Award

We asked Natalie and Yashi about their overall experience during the One Voice Conference and Awards. Here’s what they said…

Natalie “I’ve been to a number of Voiceover Industry events in the time that I have been an Agent, and every single time I am blown away by the knowledge, advice, support and community atmosphere that they have to offer. I always find the people in this industry friendly, passionate and hungry to learn and that’s incredibly inspirational. To be present at the awards ceremony this year and cheer our talent on has to be one of the proudest moments of my career – I loved every moment!”

Yashi “It was my first time attending the Once Voice Awards, and I have to admit I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed with how welcoming the voice-over community is. It is amazing just how quickly the industry changes and how the whole community comes together to celebrate and educate each other, to help each other grow and to receive the recognition they deserve. To be able to attend the awards ceremony and scream like an embarrassing parent at their child’s first play, on behalf of all our nominees and winners, was amazing. It was a first of many voiceover events I hope to attend in the future.”

Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners of the One Voice Awards 2021. Congratulations to all at Gravy for the Brain for another successful weekend. We can’t wait for the next one!

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