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Excellent Talent

A performance that gets under your skin...

Our Sian Polhill Thomas is turning heads in Ugly Lies the Bone, the National Theatre's new play that's won the hearts of critics since it opened!

The UK debut from American playwright Lindsey Ferrentino takes you on an immersive journey charting the homecoming of war in a production Sian says, "is an experience I will grow from and one I will treasure." The play follows war veteran Jess's return home to Florida in a bid to heal the mental and physical traumas of war in Afganistan. As she embarks on her 'virtual reality therapy', the audience is led into an astonishing new world where anything seems possible.

Sian says, "working on Ugly Lies the Bone has given me a unique chance to work on many different aspects of theatre from new wriitng to physical exploration, the wonders of virtual reality in theatre and the experience of facial distortion."

Sian's acting career in Theatre and TV has gone from strength to strength and it's no suprise to see her hold her own in all-star cast. She joins the likes of Ralph Little and Kate Fleetwood to deliver a note perfect performance. 

This unique story is not one to be missed, get your tickets here if you haven't already!

Listen to Sian's reels here!