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Excellent Talent


Excellent Talent Sweeps The Board

Our voiceover artists bag a fistful of industry awards.

October 16th 2020

Halloween Hysterics in this recording!

Another Tale from the Voice Over Booth - Fang you very much.....

May 19th 2020

Never Mind the B*ll**ks

The strangest things are asked of a voice over some times

May 16th 2020

Tony Aitken gets plucky!

Working from home. Voice Overs know a song about that... don't we Tony?

May 16th 2020

What does an Impressionist do in Lockdown?

Boris, Donald, Michael, Ant and Dec are all stuck in Lockdown together....

May 16th 2020

Tales from the Voice Over Booth Part 1

Pete Gold relives a scary moment.....

May 11th 2020

Bob Harris - A Meditation for Our Age

Whisperin' Bob doing what he does best - Whisperin'

May 4th 2020

Who Loves You ? The Cast of Jersey Boys Loves You!

Laura Brydon and the global casts of Jersey Boys show you can't keep a great musical down!

May 4th 2020

The Voice Over Community Comes Together - Voice Overs United

All your favourite voices come together to remind us of what's important right now

May 3rd 2020

We've Always Worked from Home

As the nation changes it's working habits, Excellent's Voice Overs have an advantage....

May 1st 2020


Simon McCoy to fill Andrew Neil's shoes for one night only

June 26th 2019

From Old Grey Whistle Test to Silver Screen.

Whispering Bob Harris's acting debut.

April 27th 2019

Keeping his eye on the Ball!

Excellent's Simon McCoy makes his Radio debut!

February 27th 2019

Kicking up a storm!

Carol Kirkwood reporting from Hollyoaks Village!

October 24th 2018

Weather you like it or not, it's happening!

2018 The Extreme Summer - Excellent's Laura Tobin hosts ITV's Tonight Show

October 4th 2018

Bright and early!

Excellent's Carol Kirkwood is on the cover of Radio Times, and reveals exclusive details about her early mornings!

September 14th 2018

There's no silencing this female voice!

Excellent's Lucianne McEvoy has wowed audiences (and major publications!) in her role as Northern Irish playwright in controversial satire.

September 12th 2018

Drivetimes with Lisa!

Excellent's award-winning presenter Lisa Aziz has joined Eddie Mair's new team at LBC Drivetime!

September 11th 2018

A truly Excellent talent!

Excellent's Melina Theocharidou has just returned to London after performing in the Greek production of Duncan Macmillan and Jonny Donahoe's "Every Brilliant Thing", to critical acclaim!

August 16th 2018

A pioneering project!

Excellent's Laura Tobin leads the way with clever

July 27th 2018

The voice of ITV sport for 4 decades!

Excellent is delighted to represent one of ITV's best known sports pundits, Jim Rosenthal!

July 6th 2018

Roll on summer!

Find out what plans Excellent's Laura Tobin has for the summer in a recent, cheerful interview for Woman & Home magazine.

June 13th 2018

An Excellent start to your day...

Excellent's very sunny Laura Tobin is back on our screens, and boy are we happy about it!

April 13th 2018

A real triple threat.

As a VO, a singer, and an activist, Excellent's latest American addition, Sirena Riley, knows all about using your voice for good...

April 3rd 2018


Meet one of Excellent's newest members, the tango-tastically talented Federico Louhau!

March 26th 2018

A soft spot for a soft top.

Our very own weather expert Carol Kirkwood is also a bit of a car expert too...

March 2nd 2018

This is not to be whispered about!

Our legendary Bob Harris is back with his equally legendary 'Old Grey Whistle Test' for one night only...

February 22nd 2018

The sunniest of reunions!

Excellent's fabulous Laura Tobin is back on our screens, bringing with her the cutest of company...

February 21st 2018

Wellies off, microphone on...

Our very own and very experienced Emmerdale star, Liam Fox, has no issues adjusting to the booth.

February 8th 2018

THUNDERBIRDS AREn't GOing anywhere!

Excellent's very own Andres Williams stars in the latest adaptation of the legendary series.

November 13th 2017

A Spotlight On Voice Acting.

Exciting new collaboration brings acting credits to voiceover artists.

October 26th 2017

No Slow News Days With Simon McCoy!

All you need to know on politics, entertainment, weather, business and sport - join Simon McCoy daily for Afternoon Live!

October 16th 2017

King of Comedy takes on The Windsors series 2!

Harry Enfield's right royal impression.

July 25th 2017