The ‘best thing on the telly’, says The Independent, and if the first glimpses are anything to go by, the new series is set to live up to the hype!

Our comedy legend Harry Enfield is back with an uncanny impersonation of Prince Charles in this amusingly farfetched look through the royal keyhole. Harry will have you in stitches, with stiff upper lip caricature a-plenty! Highlights include Harry’s incarnation as Prince Charles’s empath twin brother back for unfinished business after being mysteriously locked in the attic for 69 years! And look out for him apologising to dead heads as he cuts them off his roses in a perfect display of British politeness gone mad.

The key Windsors from series one are all back, alongside some topical additions such as Kathryn Drysdale as Harry’s new girlfriend Megan Markel and Gillian Bevan’s eerily convincing Theresa May. Bursting with even more satire than before, Camilla and Theresa May’s epic Brexit clash, which comes to blows at a Royal event is already being tipped as the TV moment of 2017!

Fresh from voicing the highly-acclaimed “Asterix: Mansion of the Gods”, and a successful stint of “Once in a Lifetime” at the Young Vic, Harry is back on our screens doing what he does best. Once again, charming the nation with his unparalleled comic timing and grasp of character, it’s fair to say he is stealing the show in this deliciously close-to-the-bone new series!