After decades as a radio and TV presenter, Bob Harrishas achieved the mark of a true legend: being asked to play himself in a movie.
Director Tom Harper’s latest project, Wild Rose, features Bob as himself, alongside big screen stalwarts such as Julie Walters and Sophie Okonedo.
The film, which is already enjoying critical acclaim, follows the story of a young Glaswegian girl’s dream of making it big in the country music world. Nicole Taylor, the film’s writer, was keen to write Bob into the movie.

But playing yourself on screen isn’t without its challenges, and Bob had his work cut out learning his lines.

“Even as I headed onto set, I wasn’t 100%, but Tom gave me such confidence and I felt that Nicole had captured my tone so perfectly, that it all turned out OK in the end”
During the filming, music afficionado Bob became good friends with Jessie Buckley (I’d Do Anything, Taboo) who plays singer ‘Rose-Lynn Harlan’.
“She’s such a great actor, and musician also… she gigs as Rose-Lynn every now and then, and we connected over music mainly.”

Wild Rose hits cinemas in June, and in the meantime, you can catch Bob on his “Under The Apple Tree” tour, and hear his inimitable susurrant vocal tones on his voiceover page.