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Voice of God

"Voice of God" is a term used by the events industry for a live announcer.
By tradition it is an unseen deep male voice that may appear to be coming from on high - hence "Voice of God".
They are most often used for awards ceremonies - but any live event that might benefit from someone instructing or cajoling the audience should consider using one.
It requires an experienced voice over who is very used to the pressurized arena of live events and has brilliant sight-reading skills.
Excellent has some of the very best in the business and is the only agency to specialize in this type of talent.

Nick Jackson

Deep, smooth announcer and Voice Of God.

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Patrick Lunt

Deep, powerful, and the quintessential Voice Of God.

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Jon Briggs

Voice of God par excellence. Voice of the Weakest Link and Apple's UK Si...

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Mike Carson

Powerful, punchy Voice Of God with a twinkly smile.

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Pete Gold

Friendly, upbeat Voice Of God announcer.

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Trish Bertram

Sultry, husky, soft and low. An accomplished technical and documentary n...

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Paul Rose

Upbeat, enthusiastic Voice Of God announcer.

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Katy Maw

Experienced conference and awards announcer. Intelligent and authoritati...

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