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A Legal Eagle at the Heart of the Storyline

A Legal Eagle at the Heart of the Storyline

Thursday July 28 2016: It's the biggest storyline to hit BBC Radio 4's The Archers in years... and Isobel Middleton is at the heart of it.

Isobel Middleton is loving playing Anna Tregoran in the Archers. As the barrister defending Helen Archer against her controlling husband Rob, she's in the thick of one of the biggest styorylines that this soap has ever run.

Isobel joined The Archers as a lifelong fan, having listened on her granny’s knee from an early age. She trained in Drama at Birmingham University, and went on to grapple her way into the industry via illustration, set design and stage-management, finally securing herself an acting job and an agent when working at The Gate Theatre, Notting Hill in Lonson.

A steady career in TV, theatre, radio and voice-over work followed, during which she has played everything from a robot to a playing card to an assortment of policewomen, doctors and barristers (oh, yes…Anna is not the first!) plus some more elevated roles including Jean Brodie, Lucy in Michael Frayn’s Alphabetical Order, Catriona Bilborough in Cracker and the doomed Evangeline Brazier in Jonathan Harvey’s Murder Most Horrid.

When not acting, Isobel writes and paints. In 2014 she wrote, designed and co-produced her first short film, Snap, the first out of the stable for her production company Fitzherberts Inc. Other interests include music, cinema, literature, history, walking, a love of the sea and nature plus a healthy regard for organic wines.

Isobel is a mostly enthusiastic DIY-er, with a not inconsiderable toolbox and a wide and varied spectrum of success. Plumbing continues to be a challenge. She currently lives in Bristol with her lovely wife Jane and their Staffordshire bull terrier, Gertrude.

Making A Good Impression

Making A Good Impression

Wednesday May 25 2016: #BGT Semi-Finalist Darren Altman on getting under someone's skin.

Like most impressionists, Darren Altman started by poking fun at friends and teachers whilst still at school.


But, as he explains in this podcast interview, there's much more to nailing an impersonation than shouting out catchphrases.


Mindset, physicality and even a person's religion can inform how they speak, and here, the Britain's Got Talent star gives us an insight into exactly how far you have to go to make the right impression.
















Andree Bernard is Unwell....

Andree Bernard is Unwell....

Sunday February 28 2016: Andree stars in Holby City this Tuesday

No she's not really sick - she's just acting! That's what she does .. very well as it happens.  Andree is back in Holby City as the brassy Sian Kors. Catch her on BBC1 on Tuesday 1st March at 2000.

And if you want to catch her before then - she's also starring in this Purple Bricks advert too: -

Good isn't she? So why not try booking her for your next production?





Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Tuesday October 27 2015: Stuart McGugan proves it certainly was hot Mum!

Actor and presenter Stuart McGugan proves his credentials as a raconteur in this edition of the Excellent Talent Voiceover Podcast.


With tales of mice and guinea pigs keeling over on camera, leading actors going for a burton live on stage, and exactly how to escape from a burning henhouse, Stuart has some great tales to tell, as well as fascinating insights into his life as an actor on stage and screen.


You can hear Stuart's voiceover showreels on his voiceover page.




Britton's Got Talent

Britton's Got Talent

Wednesday July 1 2015: From I.T. consultant to Hollywood mo-cap specialist.

In this edition of the Excellent Talent Voiceover Podcast, we marvel at the prodigious voiceover talent of Jay Britton.

Five years ago, Jay was an IT consultant, who dreamed of voicing cartoon characters for the Simpsons. Now, he's the voice of Talking Tom, one of the most popular mobile apps of all time, as well as doing ADR (automated dialogue replacement) for Game Of Thrones.

So how did he do it? Well mostly through talent, training, hard work, marketing, and investing in his own career, but in this interview, Jay outlines his meteoric rise in fascinating detail.

Learn how to voice a man being burned alive by a dragon WITHOUT hurting your throat. Discover why being a trained dancer and a trained policeman is not just an interesting Venn Diagram, but also a perfect set of skills for motion-capture work. And hear what mountains are left to climb for this remarkable voice actor.

Jay Britton's voiceover showreels can be heard on his Excellent Talent page.


It's All Good In The Hood

It's All Good In The Hood

Saturday April 25 2015: Thunderbirds Baddy is a Classic VO

WIth ITV's new series "Thunderbirds Are Go!" receiving critical acclaim, we thought we'd take a look under The Hood, so to speak.

Andres Williams tells us what happens when you mix together Hans Gruber, Hannibal Lecter and Auric Goldfinger to create the perfect baddy.

Plus, how to voice a panicky South American in a space capsule, how he became the voice of South East Asia and Classic FM, and how espresso and silly faces are the perfect voiceover warmup.

Click here for Andres Williams' Voiceover Showreels.


Milkshake Presenter Still Bubbly Even When Stirred Early

Milkshake Presenter Still Bubbly Even When Stirred Early

Tuesday March 10 2015: Olivia Birchenough on the perils of live early morning TV.

In this edition of the Excellent Talent Voiceover Podcast, Channel 5's early morning children's presenter, Olivia Birchenough talks us through her exhausting lifestyle.

How does she cope with the 4am starts? Does she really know all the words to "Let It Go?" What is an aerial silk? And what happens when you play footsie with your swivel chair live on telly?

A hugely talented live presenter, even at the tender age of 24, Olivia is well-known to kids (and bleary-eyed parents) up and down the country from her effervescent performances on "Milkshake". But her favourite gig is always meeting and greeting the kids when she's on tour.

Catch some of her enthusiasm by listening to the podcast. And check out Olivia's Voiceover Showreels here. 


Voice of Big Brother Marcus Bentley talks voiceovers.

Voice of Big Brother Marcus Bentley talks voiceovers.

Tuesday February 3 2015: The legendary voiceover artist on his rise to fame.

Love Big Brother?

Then you'll enjoy hearing Marcus Bentley talk about his unique voiceover career as the voice of Big Brother.

In this episode of the Excellent Talent Voiceover Podcast, Marcus tells us how his voice-over career was kick-started by Gazza, why retirement is out of the question, and why no-one can say "chickens" quite like he can.

Click here to listen to Marcus Bentley's Voiceover Showreels.




Curious Man Gives Curious Interview

Curious Man Gives Curious Interview

Thursday January 29 2015: Naughty announcer always good for a laugh.

In this month's voiceover podcast, we hear from Channel 4 announcer and all-round cheeky chap, Pete Nottage.

As Pete knows all too well, with great power comes great responsibility. Sadly though, the urge to be naughty on air is sometimes irresistible.

He tells us how 12 hour shifts make you go a bit doolally; why being an Outback Trucker is fraught with problems; and how NOT introduce a documentary about a man with very large testicles. Plus, what makes him The Curious Man; how Cornflakes help you keep your hands to yourself; and what happens when you drive a Smart car full of cameras around Rome.

Raconteur and lad's lad Pete Nottage can be heard voicing things on his voiceover showreels.


Tony Discipline. From Fish To Fame.

Tony Discipline. From Fish To Fame.

Tuesday January 6 2015: Eastenders bad boy on life after soap.

In the latest edition of the Excellent Talent Voiceover Podcast, former Eastenders actor and voiceover artist Tony Discipline talks  about his experiences as Tyler Moon, and life after Eastenders.

He tells us what the rehearsal and filming process is for the soap, and how David Essex took him under his wing.

Plus, hitting LA, running club nights, signing fans' chests, and how working at Billingsgate Fish Market isn't so different from life in Albert Square.

Check out Tony's cool London tones on his voiceover page.