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The voice of ITV sport for 4 decades!

The voice of ITV sport for 4 decades!

Friday July 6 2018: Excellent is delighted to represent one of ITV's best known sports pundits, Jim Rosenthal!

After decades of top level sports presenting, Jim Rosenthal has collected some amazing memories and is now making some more in the VO world! Jim has covered eight FIFA World Cups, three Rugby World Cups, two Olympic Games and 150 Formula One races.

Though he enjoys each and every sport he has covered, football takes the lead for him with rugby a close second! Having been sat behind the goal when Maradona's infamous "Hand of God" moment happened, and at the arguably more infamous penalty shoot-out between West Germany and England in Italia 90', it is safe to say that Jim has done his fair share of nail-biting! “Nothing beats the atmosphere in South Africa 2010 though”, as Jim describes, “that whole tournament was just incredible!” An equally patriotic favourite moment for Jim was in Australia at the 2003 Rugby World Cup, Jonny Wilkinson’s winning drop kick. Champions!

The world of VO seemed a “natural follow on” for Jim, given his successful broadcasting career. You’ll hear him currently on the History Channel for the History of Football Series, during this World Cup season. With regard to the current tournament and England team, Jim has made sure to “keep pushing the optimistic button” – it seems to be working!

Some voices are just synonymous with the world of sport. We think Jim is among the greatest. Check out his new page on our website and give his reels a listen.

Roll on summer!

Roll on summer!

Wednesday June 13 2018: Find out what plans Excellent's Laura Tobin has for the summer in a recent, cheerful interview for Woman & Home magazine.

After an eventful year for Laura, having given birth to her beautiful daughter and rejoined the GMB crew just in time for their move to Television Centre, it is no surprise that she is looking forward to the forthcoming British Summer! 

Talking to Woman & Home magazine, Laura reveals her plans for the sunny season, including a combination of lie-ins and binging Love Island!

You can check Laura's presenter reel here

Now, here's that article in full:

magazine article

An Excellent start to your day...

An Excellent start to your day...

Friday April 13 2018: Excellent's very sunny Laura Tobin is back on our screens, and boy are we happy about it!

Since welcoming her gorgeous baby daughter Charlotte last year, Laura Tobin has been away from the soon-to-be refurbished GMB set. But she has returned to our screens, and will hopefully bring the good weather with her!

Laura’s welcome return has coincided with the end of an era for GMB. The beloved morning show, along with other ITV shows, will be temporarily moving to White City while their Southbank studios are redone.

Addressing this, Laura admitted "I really wanted to come back to this studio because my last day here wasn't meant to be my last day here thanks to Charlotte's early arrival, so I just wanted to say goodbye to the building and hello to everyone."

Speaking on her adorable baby girl, Laura gushed “She's so good, she's put on so much weight, she's so big and fat now.” How cute!

Make sure to catch Laura on Good Morning Britain every weekday morning at 6:30am on ITV.

Take a look at her page and check out her showreel here:

Laura Tobin, TV Presenter

A real triple threat.

A real triple threat.

Tuesday April 3 2018: As a VO, a singer, and an activist, Excellent's latest American addition, Sirena Riley, knows all about using your voice for good...

Sirena moved over from her native Washington D.C to the UK, having graduated with a degree in Women’s Studies, which provided her with a career as a full-time activist. As a singer-songwriter, her voice has always been important to her and it was eventually through radio that she got started on her VO work, once settled in London.

The most exciting thing about the VO world for Sirena is the opportunity it gives her to shed light on some of the issues that have always concerned her. She recently recorded the amazing autobiography of Assata Shakur (a prolific activist) with Audible, and thoroughly enjoyed, and was moved by, the whole experience!

As well as narration and audio book work, Sirena is often hired for e-Learning courses, and is doing more and more work with networks such as Al Jazeera and National Geographic. A very versatile voice!

Give Sirena’s reels a listen here, and prepare to be impressed:



Monday March 26 2018: Meet one of Excellent's newest members, the tango-tastically talented Federico Louhau!

Born in Argentina, Federico has been involved in the voice-over world from a very young age, and even went on to study VO and Dubbing with some of the most respected dubbing directors and actors in Buenos Aires!

He is currently finishing his Musical Theatre diploma from Associated Studios in London, where he has lived since 2009. Character voices and singing are well within his area of VO expertise! You can even hear his voice spouting all kinds of commands from the Hasbro's Spider Man Homecoming and the Star Wars Stormtrooper action figures, sold in Mexico and the US!

Federico is currently the official voice for 20th Century Fox Latino movie trailers, and is an expert at promos as well!

Since 2012, he has been the official voice of the GPS navigation software, Waze, for all their instructional videos and ads, and is also one of the available voices on their app- so you can drive around with his help!

If you have been impressed so far by all these accolades (and how could you not have been?!), you'll absolutely want to check Federico out for yourself here:

A soft spot for a soft top.

A soft spot for a soft top.

Friday March 2 2018: Our very own weather expert Carol Kirkwood is also a bit of a car expert too...

If she’s not busy reporting the weather to us on the BBC, she’s busy being interviewed about cars in The Sunday Times.

In a rather amusing article featured in The Sunday Times, Carol reveals her obsession with cars, and how it started from a very young age! “I used to sit in Mum’s Austin Maxi on Sunday afternoons, pretending I was driving as I listened to the Top 40” she recalls. Cute!

Her life as a licensed driver began with not the flashiest of Ford Fiestas… but now she rather proudly enjoys her convertible Mercedes SLK. Having gone through Met Office training, Carol is an expert at spotting rain clouds, “So, if there’s anything dodgy, the roof is up immediately.” Lucky for some!

Read the full article here:

Check Carol's page out here:

This is not to be whispered about!

This is not to be whispered about!

Thursday February 22 2018: Our legendary Bob Harris is back with his equally legendary 'Old Grey Whistle Test' for one night only...

The time has come! BBC Music and BBC Four have announced a line-up of programmes for the upcoming months, and we are most excited about their decision to include among these a celebration of the ‘Old Grey Whistle Test’.

Old Grey Whistle Test Live: For One Night Only will be hosted by our very own Bob Harris and is a live three-hour show with music and special guests. It marks 30 years since the renowned series was last broadcast, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

The original series aired from 1971 to 1988, and acted as an introduction for many famous performers such as Bob Marley and David Bowie into the UK music scene. Bob presented the series from 1972-1978 and admits he “can’t wait to get back in the studio and relive those wonderful memories”.

Bob will be interviewing guests such as Dave Stewart, Ian Anderson, singer Mollie Marriott, Pink Floyd animator Ian Emes and Mike Appleton, producer of the original series. Musical guests include Peter Frampton, Richard Thompson, and Albert Lee.

Click here to hear Bob whisperin’:

The sunniest of reunions!

The sunniest of reunions!

Wednesday February 21 2018: Excellent's fabulous Laura Tobin is back on our screens, bringing with her the cutest of company...

Our very own Laura Tobin introduced her baby daughter Charlotte on Good Morning Britain, as she rejoined the crew this week for the first time since giving birth.

The ever-glamorous new mum announced the arrival of baby Charlotte in September last year, and brought the newborn onto the GMB set to meet the hosts and crew. They discussed how Charlotte’s arrival was rather unexpected, as she was born three months premature.

In the interview, Laura details how she actually went into labour while in the studio and was informed by the on-set doctor, Dr Hillary, that “the baby wants to come today”. Laura admits “It was a huge shock, we had nothing ready!”.

After discussing the beautiful story behind the naming of her baby, which centres around her husband proposing to her in the German town of Charlottenburg, Laura revealed that she is going to be back on our screens permanently in a couple of months’ time! We can’t wait!

Watch the heart-warming interview here:

Wellies off, microphone on...

Wellies off, microphone on...

Thursday February 8 2018: Our very own and very experienced Emmerdale star, Liam Fox, has no issues adjusting to the booth.

Following Emmerdale’s big win at the 2018 National Television Awards, it is the perfect time to introduce one of Excellent’s latest additions, soap star/voice over extraordinaire Liam Fox!

Liam has enjoyed entertaining people with his various (very accurate!) impersonations, from a very early age. It even stopped him from being bullied at school, as he remarks “I was the fat kid at school that did impressions. It was brilliant!”.

This seemingly innate talent gave him the perfect starting point to go into both acting and voice acting. His Northern accent has helped land him very exciting roles in the past, and continues to do so! Although he is best known for his role in Emmerdale, a role for which he received an NTA nomination in 2013, Liam has also starred in Coronation Street and Dinner Ladies.

His voice acting career kicked off in 2005 and has been going strong ever since! A definite highlight for Liam was just after Christmas this year when he voiced three different aliens in a Doctor Who special. The dalek-table (sorry!) cast included Tom Baker himself! Liam has tried his hand at many areas of the VO world, but admits that animation and character voice acting are the areas that he is most passionate about- though that’s not to say he isn’t amazing at drama and narration VOs too! A man of many talents!

Don’t believe us? Check out his range of showreels here:

THUNDERBIRDS AREn't GOing anywhere!

THUNDERBIRDS AREn't GOing anywhere!

Monday November 13 2017: Excellent's very own Andres Williams stars in the latest adaptation of the legendary series.

Since the legendary inhabitants of Tracy Island stole our attention for the first time all those years ago, it has been difficult to get away from the Thunderbirds crew! Many versions of this adventure-filled narrative have graced our screens since its original airing in the 1960s, and ITV’s latest adaptation Thunderbirds Are Go is certainly not to be missed!

In 2013, this “revamp of an old classic” was announced in the form of a collaboration between ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures- a historic revelation for ITV, who were the first network to run the original Thunderbirds series in 1965. Two feature films and half a century later, this ever-popular remake has taken the world by storm! And its star-studded cast are partly to blame!

Excellent’s very own and very talented Andres Williams joined the elite cast of Thunderbirds Are Go in 2013, after an initial read-through at the ITV headquarters with the likes of Oscar-nominee, Rosamund Pike, and Thunderbirds’ legend, David Graham. Andres was cast as Tracy Island’s infamous villain, “The Hood”, and has enjoyed 2 series worth of villainy, admitting “It is really rather fun playing a baddy!”

Working alongside Kayvan Novak, star of hit-films Phonejacker and Facejacker, and general voice-acting gem, has been a real stand-out experience for Andres. Not to mention some of the recording sessions he has attended for “The Hood”. He tells one surreal but hilarious anecdote of one time when he was called in for a session with the producers wherein he was simply asked to scream “AAAAAAAAHHHH”, and then contentedly dismissed! Oh, to play a villain!

Watch new Season 2 episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go, currently premiering every weekend on ITV, to follow The Hood’s evil and persisting disruptions on Tracy Island! Don’t miss them! For more information, visit @thunderbirdshq on Twitter.