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Rio Attoh-Wood has Voiceovers all

Rio Attoh-Wood has Voiceovers all "rapped" up

Wednesday June 7 2017: Rapper and Voiceover is a born performer

In this episode of the Excellent Talent Voiceover Podcast, hip hop artist, rapper, producer and voice-over Rio Attoh-Wood tells us how being a musician has tuned his ear to voice-overs, and how he can't quite seem to get over the acting bug.

Breathing new life into the Jungle!

Breathing new life into the Jungle!

Thursday April 6 2017: Carol Bolt takes the lead in kids' game.

Welcome to Tigeropolis! An interactive jungle adventure now launched on the App store!

Join our highly accomplished Carol Bolt and School of Little Voice’s Alfie as they guide you on Bittu the Tiger’s quest to save the forest from bulldozers!

Carol says “It’s great to work on TIGEROPOLIS which has really endearing characters! The game endorses a great cause!”

Carol Bolt’s warm yet excitable voice breathes new life into the acclaimed series turned interactive puzzle game. Not surprising as Carol is an certainly an old hand when it comes to kid’s voices, lending her tones to the likes of The Disney Channel, Fox Kids, and Tomy Toys to name a few!

Since the launch of Tigeropolis, Carol says "I am now impressing children of all ages in the family! Not something that happens every day!”

A performance that gets under your skin...

A performance that gets under your skin...

Monday March 27 2017: Sian Polhill Thomas joins all-star cast in National Theatre's Ugly Lies the Bone!

Our Sian Polhill Thomas is turning heads in Ugly Lies the Bone, the National Theatre's new play that's won the hearts of critics since it opened!

The UK debut from American playwright Lindsey Ferrentino takes you on an immersive journey charting the homecoming of war in a production Sian says, "is an experience I will grow from and one I will treasure." The play follows war veteran Jess's return home to Florida in a bid to heal the mental and physical traumas of war in Afganistan. As she embarks on her 'virtual reality therapy', the audience is led into an astonishing new world where anything seems possible.

Sian says, "working on Ugly Lies the Bone has given me a unique chance to work on many different aspects of theatre from new wriitng to physical exploration, the wonders of virtual reality in theatre and the experience of facial distortion."

Sian's acting career in Theatre and TV has gone from strength to strength and it's no suprise to see her hold her own in all-star cast. She joins the likes of Ralph Little and Kate Fleetwood to deliver a note perfect performance. 

This unique story is not one to be missed, get your tickets here if you haven't already!

Listen to Sian's reels here!

The Nation's Favourite Weather Presenter Comes Out Shining Again...

The Nation's Favourite Weather Presenter Comes Out Shining Again...

Tuesday March 14 2017: Celebrating the best in the world of radio and television, the TRIC awards are back!

Celebrating the best in the world of radio and television, the TRIC awards are back! Winning her 9th (yes her 9th!) best weather presenter award, it's fair to say the TRIC awards love Carol as much as the nation does! The feeling is certainly mutual, Carol says "I LOVE the TRIC awards. They are in fact the only Awards that recognise weather presenters!"

Along with bagging the much deserved best weather presenter award and with the BBC Breakfast in the running for best daytime show, it was an exciting Awards for Excellent's  Early Bird.

We're not suprised our Carol has come out shining again, Go Carol!!

The Bright Spell of Good Morning Britain Is In The Running

The Bright Spell of Good Morning Britain Is In The Running

Tuesday March 14 2017: It's the TRIC awards today and for an awards ceremony championing the very best in Radio and Television, we're not surprised our much loved meteorologist, Laura Tobin, is in the running'

Laura's dynamism for the job never fails her, "I'm so passionate about the weather and love being an important part of our Good Morning Britain viewers morning routine, come rain or shine!

The bright spell of Good Morning Britain has also been winning awards already this year bagging a Guinness world record for filling and folding as many pancakes as she could in one minute!

Laura is up against CAROL KIRKWOOD and NAZANEEN GHAFFAR for the best weather presenter gong and it couldn't be more deserved in our opinion! Laura says, "I'm so excited to be nominated for the TRIC award for the Weather presenter category. It's the second time I've been nominated which is an honour. The competition is tough and we are all rooting for each other but it would be amazing to win."

Our fingers are crossed for you Laura!

The Perfect Backbone to a Dazzling Story

The Perfect Backbone to a Dazzling Story

Thursday March 9 2017: Lucianne McEvoy's stunning narration of Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time is not to be missed!

Lucianne McEvoy has been guiding audiences through the dazzling story; "Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time" with a stunning play narration, as the show embarks on it's UK & Ireland tour!

With seven 2013 Olivier Awards and five 2015 Tony Awards under it's belt, Mark Haddon's bestseller has taken on a life of it's own since the book captured the nation's imagination way back in 2003. 

An experienced actress, Lucianne has a soft yet edgy voice, which has made her the perfect backbone to this unique and quirky story.

Click here to buy tickets and hear a narration that almost steals the show!

And click this link for Lucianne McEvoy's narration showreels. 

Andree Bernard is Unwell....

Andree Bernard is Unwell....

Sunday February 28 2016: Andree stars in Holby City this Tuesday

No she's not really sick - she's just acting! That's what she does .. very well as it happens.  Andree is back in Holby City as the brassy Sian Kors. Catch her on BBC1 on Tuesday 1st March at 2000.

And if you want to catch her before then - she's also starring in this Purple Bricks advert too: -

Good isn't she? So why not try booking her for your next production?

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Tuesday October 27 2015: Stuart McGugan proves it certainly was hot Mum!

Actor and presenter Stuart McGugan proves his credentials as a raconteur in this edition of the Excellent Talent Voiceover Podcast.

With tales of mice and guinea pigs keeling over on camera, leading actors going for a burton live on stage, and exactly how to escape from a burning henhouse, Stuart has some great tales to tell, as well as fascinating insights into his life as an actor on stage and screen.

You can hear Stuart's voiceover showreels on his voiceover page.

Britton's Got Talent

Britton's Got Talent

Wednesday July 1 2015: From I.T. consultant to Hollywood mo-cap specialist.

In this edition of the Excellent Talent Voiceover Podcast, we marvel at the prodigious voiceover talent of Jay Britton.

Five years ago, Jay was an IT consultant, who dreamed of voicing cartoon characters for the Simpsons. Now, he's the voice of Talking Tom, one of the most popular mobile apps of all time, as well as doing ADR (automated dialogue replacement) for Game Of Thrones.

So how did he do it? Well mostly through talent, training, hard work, marketing, and investing in his own career, but in this interview, Jay outlines his meteoric rise in fascinating detail.

Learn how to voice a man being burned alive by a dragon WITHOUT hurting your throat. Discover why being a trained dancer and a trained policeman is not just an interesting Venn Diagram, but also a perfect set of skills for motion-capture work. And hear what mountains are left to climb for this remarkable voice actor.

Jay Britton's voiceover showreels can be heard on his Excellent Talent page.